Ajazz AK820 Max

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Upgrated and Improved from AK820 Pro

The Ajazz AK820 Max Wireless Mechanical Keyboard builds on the success of the AK820 Pro, offering an upgraded design with a more ergonomic, rounded case and a modernized control knob for enhanced usability. This model retains the best features of its predecessor while introducing improvements for a superior typing experience.

Customizable Typing Experience with Flex-cut Hot-swappable PCB

The keyboard features a 1.2mm flex-cut PCB that enhances the keypress feel, offering greater softness and elasticity. With its hot-swappable capability, you can easily interchange mechanical switches to suit your personal preference and typing style.

Advanced Sound Dampening

The AK820 Max incorporates a silicone layer at the base, flanked by two cotton layers and an IXPE switch pad. This configuration effectively dampens the noise from keystrokes, ensuring a solid and satisfying acoustic experience.

Balanced Typing with Flex-cuted FR4 Plate

Utilizing FR4 for the plate material, known for its density and flexibility, the AK820 Max bridges the feel between aluminum and PC plates, providing a stable yet responsive typing experience.

Versatile Tri-Mode Connectivity

Transition seamlessly between wireless, Bluetooth, and wired modes, enhancing compatibility across Windows and Mac systems without the need to disconnect. A 4000mAh battery equipped with a low-power chip and energy-saving technology extends usage times between charges.

Dynamic RGB Lighting

The keyboard features south-facing RGB lighting with 16 preset light effects. Additionally, it includes audio perception technology, allowing the lights to react to the music you play, creating a visually captivating experience that matches the rhythm.

Ergonomic Design with Double-Stage Adjustable Footrest

Adjust the typing angle to your comfort with the double-stage adjustable footrest, supported by anti-slip rubber pads for a stable and secure typing foundation.

Specifications for Custom Switch
Sea Salt Switch
  • Type: Linear
  • Pin: 3pin
  • Lubricating: Pre-Lubed
  • Total Travel: 3.5±0.4mm
  • Pre Travel: 2.0±0.5mm
  • Initial Force: 50±10gf
  • Bottom-out Force: 57±10gf

Technical Specifications

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