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Experience unparalleled typing with the EPOMAKER x LEOBOG K81, a keyboard that seamlessly combines style, functionality, and advanced technology. Designed for users who value both aesthetics and performance, the K81 elevates your typing to new heights.

Revolutionary Hot-Swappable Design

The K81 redefines customization with its full-key hot-swappable PCB base, combined with a robust Gasket Mounted design. This innovative setup allows you to easily tailor your typing experience by swapping switches, ensuring a keyboard that not only feels great but also stands the test of time.

Superior Sound and Shock Absorption

Crafted with dual layers of noise-dampening cotton, along with a Poron foam switch pad and silicone pad, the K81 excels in minimizing sound distortion. This thoughtful design ensures each keystroke is not just quiet, but also delivers a pristine quality of sound, transforming typing into a serene experience.

Gasket Mounted for Ultimate Comfort

Experience a new level of typing comfort with the K81’s gasket-mounted structure. The keyboard plate, securely nestled within the F68 chassis, provides a stable and wobble-free typing experience, making each keystroke smooth and satisfying.

Flexible 3-Mode Connectivity

Embrace wireless freedom without sacrificing reliability. The K81 offers three connectivity modes - Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4GHz wireless, and Type-C wired, providing seamless integration with any setup and ensuring you're always connected, however you choose to work or play.

Dynamic RGB Lighting

Set the mood with the K81’s customizable RGB lighting. Adjustable effects and music-synced patterns offer a personalized touch, allowing you to match your keyboard's ambiance to your games or music seamlessly.

Specifications for Custom Switch
LEOBOG Ice Crystal Switch
  • Type: Linear
  • Operating Force: 35±3gf
  • Pre Travel: 1.8±0.3mm
  • Total Travel: 3.7±0.3mm
  • Bottom Force: 48±3gf
  • Technical Specifications

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