Megalodon Macro Pad - One Knob

VIA customizable Backlight Solid CNC Aluminum Macro Pad

  • 4 Keys & a Clickable Knob
  • 4 Gateron Yellow Switches (Linear) + Blank MX keycaps
  • VIA Supported RGB Backlight
  • Front & Back Type-C Ports

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Solid CNC Keyboard

Made with numerical control for a sturdy exterior and a sleek finish, this Macro Pad is a quality built with translucent bottom and an anodized aluminum top. The smooth and durable aluminum is chosen to protect the panel inside in various settings and scenarios, while the transparent bottom case is ideal for further customization.

Your Turn to Have Fun

This 5-key Macro Pad features one black knob that can recognize not only twiddle but also keystrokes, which has great fun to play with for either professional use or side project. Surrounded by the RGB backlight and spotlighted with the T-shaped layout, the knob is for sure the central figure that allows more fun and creativity.

4 Gateron Linear Keys

For those who are into Linear feels, you may be delighted to see that this board comes with a set of four Gateron yellow switches and four blank MX keycaps. With this pad, you can start enjoying all the funs as soon as you receive the package.

Upside Down & Downside Up

With two type-C ports facing south and north respectively, this macro pad can be set up in any shape or form as needed or wished, without bending the cable into awkward shapes.

VIA Customizable Backlight

With 5 2812 RGB, the backlight on this macro pad can be programmed with VIA for all 4 keys and the knob into whatever patterns you wished. Whether some fancy flashes to accompany a certain function, or a quiet color pattern to go with the desktop decoration, this pad can perform them all.

Technical Specifications

Housing Material
4 keys +1 knob
2 Type-C ports (front and back)
Inside the box
  • Magalodon Macro Pad
  • Type-C Cable
  • Manual