12+1 Keys with A Knob Wired Mechanical Keyboard

  • Hot-swappable
  • CNC Aluminum Case and Plate
  • Programmable with Supportive Software
  • Type-C port + Two USB 2.0 Hubs
  • Note: Kindly reminder that the two type C ports can’t work simultaneously and cannot be used as the output of a hub.

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Solid CNC Aluminum Housing

With its sleek exterior and sturdy weight, the WINGMAN Ⅻ is a combination of strength and beauty, if industrial style attracts you. The solid weight owes to the Aluminum Alloy that is used to form the housings and the plate, while its well-rounded shape is all thanks to the precise tech process of CNC.

12+1 Keys with A Knob

The fun of customization is to cut out and add keys at will. If you are frustrated by the lack of function keys in 65% keyboards, or if you are just looking for some additional keys to go with your mainboard, this slender keyboard may be worth considering. It houses 12+1 keys and an additional knob that registers turns, which can be popped up with a compact keyboard as an extension. It can also be simply used as a control panel for small smart devices.

Hot-Swappable and Programmable

WINGMAN Ⅻ is designed with user experience at heart. With a PCB that supports hot-swap and a specially designed driver, you can tailor your keyboard to your preference in the physical and virtual world. The WINGMAN Ⅻ driver allows remapping and rebinding keys while the convenience of changing switches offered by hot swapping can let you enjoy different switches as you see fit.

Type C ports + USB 2.0 Hub

As a wired-only attachment, its ports serve serious roles in the keyboard's function. The wo type-C ports facing north and west respectively, and so the WINGMAN Ⅻ can be used vertically and horizontally, without messing up the previous setting of your desktop. The additional USB hub ports, stable and quick in transferring, gives this slender beauty a double life as an external hub.

Dynamic RGB Backlight

As a standard set-up, the WINGMAN Ⅻ has full-key RGB backlight. What is special is that it also has great dynamic light effects so this Wingman can dance with music. Combined with a programmable knob that registers turns and is designed for multi-media control, you can easily find a home for this board in your house.

Technical Specifications

Key Amounts
12+1 knob
Type-C (two ports facing north and west respectively)
Additional Function
USB2.0 Hub x 2
Plate Material
Case Material
Anodic CNC Aluminum
Hot Swappable
Programmable with supportive software
Inside the box
  • USB Cable*1