SKYLOONG GK980 Triple-Mode Kit

1800 Compact Lite Gasket Bluetooth 5.1 & 2.4G Wireless / Type-C Wired Barebone Kit

  • 98-key with 5-pin hot swappable terminals and knob modules
  • Bluetooth 5.1 & 2.4G Wireless connection, 4000mAh Battery
  • Innovative Shallow Gasket-Mounted & Bottom Foam
  • Split Spacebar Module
  • 16.8 Million RGB Backlight
  • Note: The barebone kit comes with 1 knob module

Translucent Black
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1800 Compact DIY Barebone Kit with Split Spacebar Module

GK980 comes in 1800 compact size, which skips the home clusters in a full keyboard and retain the the numpad and arrow keys. Being space saving for a mouse, it can be a perfect keyboard for both gaming and working. As a member in the GK Lite series, GK980 Triple-mode keyboard Kit also includes an extra split spacebar module (2.75U/2.25U/1.25U) with which you can customize it based on your own typing habit.

Hot-swappable Module for Knobs and Switches

The Skyloong GK980 Triple-mode barebones kit is equipped with hot swappable terminals, with which you can install 3/5 pin switches directly without soldering. The barebone kit comes with 1 hotswappable module specifically designed for both knobs and switches. By simply pulling it out, you can easily swap the knob with a regular mechanical switch and keycap. Thanks to the powerful proprietary software, you can also customize the knob's function at will.

Shallow Gasket Structure & Bottom Foam

The GK980 is adapted with the patented Shallow Gasket design, which comes with an all-in-one silicone pad, which is meticulously made of lightweight liquid silicone with high precision to match each switch. Inserted in between the PCB board and the plate, the Shallow Gasket silicone pad not only eliminates the traditional design’s drawback of lacking support in the main typing area, but also cushions the shock under every keystroke. The keyboard also contains a foam at the bottom layer to reduce hallow sounds, as well as enhancing the feeling of typing stokes.

Wired and Wireless: Type-C, 2.4G & Bluetooth 5.1 Connections

Designed for versatility, the GK980 Triple-mode version can be used in distinct three ways: Bluetooth 5.1, 2.4G USB wireless, and Type C wired connections. You can connect the keyboard to your devices with the included Type-C cable, using a 2.4G wireless dongle, or simply using the latest Bluetooth 5.1 connection. Connecting up to 2 devices via Bluetooth and wireless 2.4GHz simultaneously. The signal transmission is stable to meet the needs of diverse work, study, and entertainment.

16.8 Million RGB Backlight

Set up the colors and rhythm in the way you like it and match up the lighting effects with your mode every day! There are different backlight effects available for you to choose, and you can even customize your own gaming light modes in the software. Make your keyboard unique by matching its color scheme with your room!

Technical Specifications

SKYLOONG GK980 Triple-mode barebone kit
Top Case Material
ABS plastic
Yes, hot-swappable for 3-pin and 5-pin switches and knob modules
Split Spacebar
Yes, size in 2.75U/2.25U/1.25U
Plate Material
  • Steel
  • Battery Capacity (Bluetooth version)
    Bluetooth 5.1 & 2.4G Wireless / Type-C to USB connection
    Anti-Ghost Key
    Shallow Gasket
    394 * 144 * 44mm
    about 1000g
    Inside the box
    • Keyboard Kit (Case, PCB, Mounting Plate, Stabilizers, Split Spacebar Module)
    • Instructional Manual
    • Type-C Cable
    • Keycap-switch Puller
    • Knob Module