TTC Switch Set

Original 35 Pieces of TTC Mechanical Switch Set for Mechanical Keyboard Replacement

    Six options of TTC Mechanical Switches with different features
    Suitable for customised keyboards
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TTC - A Representative of Revolution

It features exceptional feeling of typing. But that doesn't mean TTC switches are only for typing. It comes in a variety of five options, each with different attributes. Gamers are just as in love with TTC switches which are responsive, smooth and budget friendly. It covers all your needs and feel free to choose it.

Make the Switch

Manufactured with clear casings, TTC Switches have quickly become one of the most popular switches in the keyboard community. TTC Switches use gold contact leafs and soft plastic stems, making an unparalleled, smooth typing experience. TTC Gold Pink 37gf, TTC Mute Red 42gf, TTC Heart 42gf and TTC Speed Silver 39gf come with a linear feedback. For those looking for a bit more tactile feedback, there are TTC Bluish White 42gf with a notably high actuation point and the 58gf clicky TTC Gold Blue.

Build Quality

TTC switches are popular around the community for their durability and distinct tactile and sonic characteristics. They are always ahead of meeting your need in the typing experience. If you are looking for splendid typing strokes, this should be your choice.

35 Switches in A Set, Custom Your Keyboard

Whether you prefer something heavy and tactile, or lightweight and linear, you can simply switch out the original switches with this replacement set. We offer the TTC Gold Pink/Bluish White/Gold Red/Gold Brown/Speed Silver switches. Choose either one you prefer and remake your keyboard!



-The TTC Bluish White switch gives a tactile sensation and silent sound, with a noticeable bump with each press to ensure every keystroke is on point. 


-The TTC Gold Pink / Mute Red switch is a linear switch that presses smoothly down without any bump or click in between presses. This also means a much quieter typing sound that is perfect for the office workspace. 


-The TTC Gold Blue switch is a tactile switch like Blue switches, with a tactile sensation and noticeable sound. This switch is for those who like the experience of a typing machine. 


-The TTC Speed Silver switch is a linear switch like that of the TTC Red switch, but with a much shorter journey/travel. This means you can make every stroke easier. Many see this switch as an upgraded version of Red switches.


-The TTC Heart switch is a  linear switch like that of the TTC Red switch, with a operating force of 42+/-5gf. This switch is in lego structure that you can customise and assemble it easily.

Technical Specifications

Switch type
TTC Gold Pink, Mute Red, Bluish White, Gold Blue, Speed Silver, and Heart switches available
Number of switches
35 pieces
Inside the box
  • 35 Pieces of TTC Switches